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CS 242 Fall 2009 : Assignment 3 Idea

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Assignment 3 Idea – Web mashup of government data

The two weeks would be as follows:

  1. Parse data feeds into a database
  2. Create a mashup of the parsed data with some web 2.0 component

Ideas for completed projects:

  1. A google maps page that showed which congressmen voted for or against given bills. The first dataset would be the current serving congressmen and data about them and the second dataset would be voting records for various bills. In the final visualization, there would be markers on the map for senators and representatives, maybe with a toggle switch to switch between the two. Clicking on a marker would bring up data about that person. There would also be a drop down box listing recent legislation and selecting a bill would have the markers on the map change such that the voting records are obvious.
  2. a google maps page that showed recently awarded contracts in states that highlighted congressional districts that received the most funding and the representatives from those districts.
  3. a facebook application that would map friends to recently awarded contracts and showed which friends were receiving the most federal money.
  4. a google maps page that listed all elected officials and gave their personal details and where their campaign funding came from

im sure after looking at some of the APIs, we can come up with a bunch more ideas.

Week 1 – Parsing data into a database

The goal for the first week of the assignment will be to write a program that can read streams of data and populate a database. Students will have to learn how to parse feeds (csv, xml, ect), design a database schema, and then integrate the two.

All students in 242 this semester already have csil-projects access along with mysql databases set up for them, so resources should not be a problem. If students wish to use their own resources, we should allow them to do that provided they can demonstrate their code working in class.

The assignment would have a overview of what a database is and the basics of working with one, with examples geared towards using mysql on csil-projects. There would also be a section that went over the basics of designing a schema.

I found a variety of data sources and APIs on the internet that we can use as options for students to integrate into their assignment.

Hacking Congress http://www.hackingcongress.org/data lists many APIs that we can use, some of the more interesting ones seem to be:

I envision that the first week the students will be allowed to use whatever language they would like to populate the database, im not sure if the php install on csil-projects allows for making remote connections to fetch data, ill have to ask TSG. We should make a point that the data needs to be able to be updated, such that the import tool could hypothetically be set up on something like a cron job and continually feed new data into the db.

Week 2 – Integrating a web 2.0 component with datasets

Goal of week 2 would be to take one dataset and integrate it into a mashup

Ideas for web 2.0 technologies are:

  1. Google Maps
  2. Yahoo Maps
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter
  5. Google Calendar
  6. Ontok
  7. Blogger

more listed at http://www.webmashup.com/Mashup_APIs/index.php

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