CS 242 Fall 2010 : Assignment 1.3.1

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If you did Assignment 1.4 last week, you are to be refactoring and performance tuning your code. See Assignment 1.4.1 for the grading rubric.


Hand-in requirements

  1. Make sure the name of the directory is Assignment1.3.1. This is very important. We are using a script to do the svn export and it is important that the name matches.
  2. This assignment is due in SVN by 8:00 AM on Thursday, September 23th.
  3. Do not check in any executables, debug logs, or automatically generated doc. If anything can be regenerated, it should not be checked in.
  4. Have a README that describes how to use your program. Make sure to mention your major improvements.


We will use the standard Grading rubric for this assignment.

Criteria Weight Comment
Basic preparation 1  
Cleverness 1  
Code submission 1  
Decomposition 3  
Documentation 1  
Effort 2  
Naming 2  
Overall design 3  
Participation 2 How you critique others code.
Performance 1  
Presentation 2 How you critique your code.
Requirements – BitLibrary 4 You properly implemented your BitLibrary.
Requirements – Compression 4 You properly implemented 2+ compression methods.
Testing 2  
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