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CS 242 Fall 2010 : Assignment 3.3

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Assignment 3.3 – Using the Library Implementation

Part I

For the last 4 weeks of the semester, each of you will complete your own final project. The project can cover any domain using any language, toolkit, or framework, but you cannot have your final project for this course be part of a project or assignment for another course you are currently taking. Before you can begin your final project, you must first write up a proposal and submit it to your section leader for approval. The proposal must contain:

  • Summary of application including functionality, language used, libraries needed, platforms targeted, etc
  • Why you chose this application (i.e. to learn something, to solve a problem…)
  • Who will use this application when it is completed
  • List of features
  • How you plan to test the application (will you use junit, nunit, selenium, etc)
  • Documentation plan
  • A weekly schedule
    • You have 4 weeks to complete the project
    • For each of the 4 weeks, you need to commit to which portions and features will be complete (note you will only be presenting 3 weeks, since 1 week is over Thanksgiving, but we still assume a week of final project work done during that time.

Expect your proposal to be at least 2 pages in length.

We expect you to spend the same amount of time each week on the final project that you spend on each of the other assignments so far this semester, so plan out each week accordingly. Your TA or moderator might ask you to revise your proposal after submitting it if he thinks that you are trying to do to much or too little. Submit your proposal as a pdf via email to your section leader by 5:00PM on Tuesday, November 2nd 2010. This gives us time to review your proposals so you will still have a full week to work on the first week of your final project. You cannot start on your final project until you get approval from your section leader, so the earlier you submit it and get approval the earlier you can begin working. Lastly, please submit your proposals in PDF format to eliminate chances of any problems when trying to read them.

Part II

This assignment is due in your SVN repository by 0800 on 4 November 2010, in a directory named Assignment3.3.

– In Assignment 3.1, you wrote stubs and descriptions of the function for another student to write to aid in processing the binary data file.

  • In Assignment 3.2, you implemented the library functions given to you by another student.
  • In Assignment 3.3, you use the code written by the other student, written to your spec, to complete the assignment.

As specified in Assignment 3.1, the binary file is a formatted set of data, and data graphics transformation operations. This data file would be interpreted by a real-time system meant to display the items in the display list. As the author, you must be able to read in the binary file specified at the beginning of the assignment and print out the result of the data graphics transformation operations.

You are expected to use the library you receive from your implementer to complete this assignment. You must treat the library functions as a black box, i.e. the library functions should not be modified. If you choose not to make use of one or more of implementer’s functions, you must document why in your code.

As in Assignment 3.2, you may use any of the header files listed there.

Your implementation should be able to properly parse an input file composed of the blocks described in Assignment 3.1. It should output to std out the information about each centroid, scaling and rotation factor encountered, and every coordinate as an absolute position as transformed by the current centroid, scaling and rotation factors.


We will use the standard Grading rubric for this assignment.

Part I: Your project proposal

Criterion Weight Notes
Coverage 4 Your proposal is of appropriate length and well written.
Customer/User 4 Clarity in terms of understanding/describing your customer.
Documentation Plan 4 Your plan for documentation.
Reason 4 Your thoughtfulness in terms of expressing the goals you what to accomplish.
Resources 4 You adequately discuss any resource you will need for your project.
Schedule 8 Your schedule is detailed and reasonable.
Testing Plan 4 Your plan for testing is reasonable and specific.
Timeliness 4 You submitted it properly and on time.

Part II: Your code to complete 3.x

Criterion Weight Notes
Basic Preparation 1  
Cleverness 1  
Code submission 4  
Decomposition 2  
Documentation 1  
Effort 1  
Naming 2  
Overall Design 4  
Performance 1  
Presentation 3  
Participation 3  
Requirements Satisfaction 4 Properly reads and outputs from the file.
Testing 2 Wrote additional tests that are missing/necessary
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