CS 242 Fall 2011 : Assignment 3.2

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Assignment 3.2 – Adding Structure and Style to Your Portfolio


Regular Expressions

Studio Assignment

This assignment is due at 10:00 AM CST on Thursday, October 20th 2011 in SVN in a folder named Assignment3.2.

Last week, we turned our two input XML files into one nicer output XML file. This week, you will be employing 2 new technologies to give your portfolio some graphical structure and style. Namely, this week you will be using XSL and CSS to transform your output from last week into something that looks pleasant this week. The XSL will transform your XML into an HTML file with structure that can be displayed in a web browser. You will then use CSS to add some style to the transformed HTML output to give style to your portfolio. Continuing from last week, feel free to develop and test your code anywhere you wish, but you must deploy your final code to the cPanel server for ease of grading.

Getting Started

Before you begin on this part of the assignment, we encourage you to work through the following tutorials to familiarize yourself with XSLT and CSS:

Functional Requirements

There are a few things that you need to include on your output this week. Namely, you should in some way include all of the information that was part of the requirements for the output from last week.

  • The title of each of your projects
  • The date for each project
  • The version for each project
  • The summary for each project (the most recent commit message for that assignment)
  • A listing of each file in the project with
    • Its size
    • The doctype of the file: is one of code, test, image, documentation, etc (feel free to add as many doctypes as you wish).
    • The path is the path to your files in SVN. This should be a hyperlink to view the file
    • Each version of each file in the project
      • The number is the revision number for that commit
      • The author is the netid of the committer
      • the info is the commit message for that revision
      • The date is the date of that commit

Using XSLT

We realize that you can use a variety of methods to apply your XSL document to transform the XML you generated last week, but we prefer that you use PHP where possible. This allows a nice clean output that will work nicely with next week’s code. Assuming you made a DOMDocument object last week to generate your output, transforming it with your XSL is relatively simple:

Using CSS

Once you have some HTML output, you need to style it with CSS. You can include the link to your stylesheet as part of the XSL template document you write to do the transform. We understand that not everyone out there has extensive CSS knowledge or design skills, so we are just looking for you to do something that looks “nice”. As long as you put a good effort into adding some color and style into your portfolio, you will get full credit for this part of the assignment.


Criteria Weight Comment
Basic preparation 1  
Cleverness 1  
Code submission 4 submitted on time and to the correct location
Decomposition 4  
Documentation 2  
Effort 1  
Naming 2  
Overall design 3  
Participation 3 How you critique others code.
Presentation 2 How you critique your code.
Requirements – XSLT 6  
Requirements – CSS 4  
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