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CS 242 Fall 2011 : Assignment 3.4

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Assignment 3.4 – Adding Web 2.0 To Your Portfolio


No tutorial this week


Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review pages 103-128.

Formal final project proposal

For the last 4 weeks of the semester, each of you will complete your own final project. The project can cover any domain using any language, toolkit, or framework, but you cannot have your final project for this course be part of a project or assignment for another course you are currently taking. See the Final Project Details page for more firm details on the final project. Before you can begin your final project, you must first write up a formal proposal and submit it to your section leader for approval. The proposal must contain:

  • Summary of application including functionality, language used, libraries needed, platforms targeted, etc
  • Why you chose this application (i.e. to learn something, to solve a problem…)
  • Who will use this application when it is completed
  • List of features
  • How you plan to test the application (will you use junit, nunit, selenium, etc)
  • Documentation plan
  • A weekly schedule
    • You have 4 weeks to complete the project
    • For each of the 4 weeks, you need to commit to which portions and features will be complete

Expect your proposal to be at least 2 pages in length.

We expect you to spend the same amount of time each week on the final project that you spend on each of the other assignments so far this semester, so plan out each week accordingly. Your TA or moderator might ask you to revise your proposal after submitting it if he thinks that you are trying to do to much or too little. Submit your proposal as a pdf via email to your section leader by 3:00PM on Monday, October 31st 2011. This gives us time to review your proposals so you will still have a full week to work on the first week of your final project. You cannot start on your final project until you get approval from your section leader, so the earlier you submit it and get approval the earlier you can begin working. Lastly, please submit your proposals in PDF format to eliminate chances of any problems when trying to read them.

Studio Assignment

For this week’s assignment, you will be using JavaScript to add some web 2.0 to your portfolio.

This assignment is due on Thursday, November 3rd at 10:00AM CST in Subversion in a folder named Assignment3.4. In addition, you must also submit your work to cPanel.

Please include a short README.txt file along with your submission this week that instructs your moderator how to access your portfolio on cPanel.

Instructions on what services are available on cPanel as well as how to access them are located at https://wiki.engr.illinois.edu/display/engineeringit/Web+Hosting+for+Student+Projects.

Using your own environment

You are more than welcome to use your own Apache/PHP/MySQL environment to develop this assignment, but in the end, it must run on the university cPanel server. So, feel free to develop elsewhere, but test and deploy on your cPanel account. This is to ensure that there are no issues that arise from technical difficulties when we are trying to evaluate and grade your work each week.

Part 1 – Adding AJAX

For this part of the assignment, you will add some AJAX to your portfolio. There is only one basic requirement for this part of the assignment, that is that all of your portfolio needs to be asynchronous. This means that your linking to files should load them asynchronously into a DIV or textbox and all of your comments should be asynchronous on the main portfolio page.

What does it mean to be asynchronous?

When we say make everything asynchronous, we mean that all links on your portfolio page should update the portfolio page, not redirect to another page.

To make your life easier, we would like you to use an external JavaScript library. We recommend using jQuery.

To add jQuery to your portfolio, the easiest way to to add the following to the head section of your portfolio before any of the other script tags:

Documentation on how to use jQuery is at http://docs.jquery.com.

Part 2 – Adding JavaScript UI Elements

For this part of the assignment, we ask you to add at least one UI element using jQuery UI.

To add jQuery to your portfolio, the easiest way to to add the following to the head section of your portfolio before any of the other script tags:

You can pick any UI element you wish to use, or even use jQuery plugins to use ones that are not part of the core. Examples of UI elements might be accordions or tabs.

Documentation on how to use jQuery UI is at http://docs.jquery.com.

Part 3 – Graphics

For the last part of this assignment, you need to add some graphics to your portfolio in the form of charts. This should be done using the Google Chart API. You can add any type of charts that you wish, but you need at minimum one chart per project in your portfolio. You can be as creative as you want to be here.


Criteria Weight Comment
Basic preparation 1  
Cleverness 1  
Code submission 4 submitted on time and to the correct location
Decomposition 4  
Documentation 6 Final Project Plan
Documentation 3 Good comments and README.txt
Effort 1  
Naming 2  
Overall design 4  
Participation 3 How you critique others code.
Presentation 2 How you critique your code.
Requirements – Asynchronous File Links 3  
Requirements – Asynchronous Threaded Comments 4  
Requirements – Google Charts 4  
Requirements – jQuery UI 4  
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