CS 242 Fall 2011 : Course Description

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Most classes teach computer science theory. In this class we teach practical programming. In most classes you learn to write correct programs. In this class you’ll learn to be a better programmer. We focus on writing simple, readable, maintainable code and on presenting your work to other programmers.

  • In this course, you will have to attend the lectures on Mondays, following which you will be given an assignment. These assignments may take 2-3 weeks to complete, but there will be checkpoints due each week unless otherwise specified. You will be given a deadline to finish this assignment following good coding practices and conventions.You would have to attend discussion sections on Thursdays and Fridays where you will be asked to present your work to other students in your section. You are expected to be able to answer questions or queries that other students may have about your code.

  • Additionally, we will emphasize peer code reviews. ┬áTo accomplish this, we will eventually be assigning each student to read another student’s code. ┬áDetails about this procedure will be forthcoming.

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