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CS 242 Fall 2011 : FAQ

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What questions should I ask during discussion section?
You should have specific questions to ask the student who has been assigned as your pair for that particular discussion section. Make sure you grab his or her code before class and go through it. Try to find a section which seems unclear to you, a section that seems like bad code to you, and a section which showed you something interesting. For the unclear section, ask the other student to give an explanation. For the seemingly bad code section, offer your own opinion on a better alternative. And for the interesting section, ask the other students how he or she came up with that implementation.

You are also free to ask questions to the other students in class. If some part of the code is unclear, just interrupt the presenter. You may also ask for suggestions on how to improve your own code while you are presenting.

How should I hand in my code?
Not every assignment needs to be handed in before class. Please read the requirements for each carefully and pay attention to what you need to hand in.

Additional details will be posted on the newsgroup. Once we have a better gauge on the number of students remaining in the class, we will set up a Subversion repository which you can use to work on and submit your code. There will be a guide to help get you started.

I like language X. Can I use language X for all the assignments?
No. The purpose of this class is to expose you to different languages. While language X might have feature1, feature2, feature3, etc it might not be the best language for a certain job. When we say use language Y for an assignment, you must use language Y.

Can I work in groups?
Depends on the assignment. If group work is permitted, then it will be clearly stated in the assignment description, otherwise, assume that you should work individually. Each week, your code will be checked against other submissions to detect any plagiarism that takes place.

I found some code on the web that may help me, can I use it?
Yes, if you properly cite it. But do not copy an entire assignment from the internet. The goal of this course is to have you write a lot of code and get good at making it all of very high quality. This will not happen if you simply copy and paste everything.

Some assignments have more points than others, are they worth more?
No, all assignments are normalized to be worth the same at the end of the semester. More points on an assignment only means that the rubric is more finely tuned for that particular assignment.

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