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CS 242 Fall 2011 : Final Project Details

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You will be doing a final project for this course.  


You will be required to plan all four weeks of your project and do your best to follow that plan while maintaining good code practices.  This means you will need to comment your code, plan your design and show code that has minimal bad code smells.

As always, good code scores higher than more functionality.

While you do not have to meet the 25 line requirement for methods/functions,  you will be expected to create high-quality, well-defined methods routines.  See “Code Complete” for details.


You will submit a proposal to your moderator.  Your moderator may expect you to make changes or reject it for being too difficult for the time frame or too easy for your ability.

After your proposal is accepted,  you will submit a plan that outlines the details of your efforts for all 4 weeks of your project.

There will be a showcase of projects on the final lecture day.

Reusing Projects

You may not use a project from another course UNLESS

  1. you have already completed that project for a previous semester
  2. you commit all existing code to your subversion repository when you submit your final plan
  3. you list all existing functionality and distinguish the new work you will do

Working in Groups

You may not work in groups UNLESS you get prior approval which requires:

  1. you clearly indicate your division of labor in advance
  2. your design shows exactly where everyone’s responsibility begins and ends
  3. You show only code from those files or classes for which you have previously indicated your responsibility


This project should take you four weeks to complete.
Your moderator will decide if they believe this is a reasonable undertaking for you.

If you plan to use a technology such as a game engine or elaborate library,  you should already be familiar with it.  If you have never installed nor tried to work with this library or engine,  you should think of a different project

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