CS 242 Spring 2010 : Assignment 2.2

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Assignment 2.2 – Writing code to fulfill a specification

This assignment is due in your SVN repository by 2010-03-10 8:00 CST in a directory named Assignment2.2.
Be in contact with the person who wrote your spec if you have questions. It is ok for you to suggest modifications to their spec to make it better. If they agree, go ahead and make the changes.

This file is a formatted set of data, and data graphics transformation operations. This data file would be interpreted by a real-time system meant to display the items in the display list.

  • In Assignment 2.1, you wrote stubs and descriptions of the function for another student to write to aid in processing the binary data file.
  • In Assignment 2.2, you implement the library functions given to you by another student.
  • In Assignment 2.3, you will use the code written by the other student, written to your spec, to complete the assignment.


As the Implementor

Your moderator will assign you another student’s specification (the author) to implement. As the implementor, you must write a .c file that implements all of the functions in the author’s .h spec. You should be in contact with the author to make sure that you understand the spec. You may suggest changes that can me made to the spec to make it better, however the author must agree in order for you to make any modifications to the original spec.

To implement the functions, you may make use of files in the C standard library; specifically, you may include any of the following header files:

Your implementation should be able to properly parse an input file composed of the blocks described in Assignment 2.1. It should output to std out the information about each centroid, scaling and rotation factor encountered, and every coordinate as an absolute position as transformed by the current centroid, scaling and rotation factors. We have included a revised binary file for 2.2.

As the Author

As the author, you must make yourself available to your implementor to help him/her understand your spec. During the section for Assignment 2.2, as author you will present the code written by the implementor for you spec. You must be prepared to explain:

  1. the strength and weaknesses of their implementation;
  2. the strengths and weaknesses of your original spec; and
  3. any changes that you needs to make to your original spec.
Note to Moderators!
The student you assign to be the implementor of another student (author’s) spec, should be a student whose code they haven’t already presented before for CS 242.


  • Documentation
    • Your functions are commented adequately: 2
    • Your function comments are Doxygen compliant: 2
  • Functionality
    • You properly repaired any mistakes mentioned in your spec during section for 2.1: 4
    • Your library functions implement the specified functionality: 4
    • You can demonstrate that your library functions implement the specified functionality, i.e. some means of testing: 2
    • The implementation of your library functions is well designed: 4
  • Participation
    • You submit your code properly and on time: 2
    • You explain the strengths and weaknesses of the code implemented for your spec: 2
    • You explain the strengths and weaknesses of your spec, and any changes made to your spec: 2
Total 24

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