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CS 242 Spring 2012 : Code Reading Codes

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Naming Your Assignment: Name your assignment folder in the SVN as ‘mpCurrentAssignmentNo’. For example, for Assignment 4,it would be ‘mp4‘. Note that only the directory names have to be like this, and you can keep the individual file names as you had them originally. You have to create a directory folder with the proper name for each assignment to help the code reading script pull out the relevant assignment for display on this page.

Please do not zip your files in the SVN. The script automatically does that for you. 

[Note: If your link goes to an invalid page, that means that you haven’t named your assignment folder properly in the SVN]

When will this page be updated?: This page will be updated right after the assignment deadline. For example, if the deadline is Tuesday, September 30th at 11:59:59 pm, then you will be able to view the updated contents of this page immediately at 12:01:00 A.M on Wednesday,October 1st.

What do you ‘read’ from your assigned code reading partner’s code?: Code-reading generally helps give give you practice in trying to understand/decipher some else’s code. There is no fun explaining your own code, right?(errr…do we hear protests?). When you read someone else’s code, make sure to list down atleast 2 flaws in the code(design wise or technically) and also try to point out 2 suggestions for improvement.

How much would the code-reading weigh in my assignment grade?: Each assignment has a section for code-reading which would be worth 10 points in the overall assignment grade. There would be an additional penalty if the student doesnt turn up his/her code on time.

Would this practice be followed hereafter?: We would be following this process every week from Assignment 4 onwards till the end of the semester.

‘Nuff said,  the goodies are present below.

Chandra’s Sections

Carl’s Sections

Firat’s Sections

Jim’s Sections

Paul’s Sections

Mike’s Sections

timtsu2.zip (application/zip)

jhawker2.zip (application/zip)
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