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week 0

Assignment 0

Assignment 0 will be due at your first discussion section (Jan 26 and 27, more info on them coming shortly), during your regularly scheduled section time. For this assignment please bring in any piece of code that you have written that is at least 400 lines long. You must check this code in to https://subversion.ews.illinois.edu/svn/sp12-cs242/<netid>/Assignment0 . A tutorial for using SVN is provided at Subversion Tutorial. As part of this assignment, you must also walk through the SVN tutorial and complete each of the steps. We may grade your completion of the tutorial or draw from it for a future lecture quiz, so it is important to ensure that you have done all of the steps of the tutorial in your personal SVN space.

If you bring your own laptop with you to your discussion section, please make sure ahead of time that it can connect to an external display properly and bring any necessary adapters if you have a laptop such as a Mac (our displays have VGA cables). It is your responsibility to ensure that you are able to present your code each week.

The only stipulation for this assignment is that the code you bring in must be code you have written yourself. You will be asked to present it to the group, and answer questions about it. For those reasons it is best if you pick a recent work.

In addition, it makes the discussion more lively if you bring in something other than an MP from a previous course, but you don’t have to write something new if all you have is MPs.

You will also be asked to ask questions and discuss the code presented by other students in your section, so please read Style Conventions, Modular Programming, and Code Smells.

Lastly, you must present your code, regardless of language, using Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA. This is so that you become familiar with Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA since we will be requiring you to use it for the first few assignments. There are plugins for Eclipse and IntelliJ available for most languages out there, so you should be able to customize the IDE to demo your code.

Charlie, as well as a few other members of the course staff, are IntelliJ fanatics. There is a free community edition that can do Java, Android, etc. The ultimate edition costs money and can handle many more languages. If you are interested in IntelliJ, we suggest downloading the demo and trying it out. You are under no obligation to buy it for this course, but there is a substantial discount for students, so if you are interested, it is something to think about.

Grading Rubric

We will use the standard Grading rubric for this assignment.

Category Weight Notes
Code Submission 2
Basic Preparation 1
Requirements Satisfaction 2
Presentation 2
Participation 2
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