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Now in Chi-town

The server that hosts this blog has been relocated from Scranton, PA to Chicago, IL. Things might be unstable for a few days as the new configuration is finalized.

now running Ubuntu

After running this server for several months with CentOS 5.5, I have taken the plunge and reinstalled it with Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS. Since this is a VPS, running fantastically courteously of BurstNet, there are several limitations that would not be encountered by a traditional server. The platform that this server runs on is OpenVZ, which has its own way of virtualizing containers. In particular, when running CentOS, it was almost impossible to run any Java application on this system due to the way that OpenVZ allocates memory for processes. Based on how I understand it, when launching a Java application, the JVM requests a large block of contiguous memory to run in. OpenVZ often fails to deliver the memory requested, which causes the JVM to fail. For some reason that I don’t completely understand yet, running Ubuntu in OpenVZ alleviates this problem. I’m thinking it has something to do with the way the Ubuntu template for OpenVZ was constructed. I run Ubuntu on all of my desktop machines, so I am looking forward to using the server variant here in the future.

So far, I have only restored basic services on this machine such as the basic LAMP stack for WordPress and such, but I’ll get SVN, Mercurial, Git, Tomcat, NX, SFTP, my Pylons applications, and such back up later this week. Stay tuned.