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ITiCSE 2012 Slides

In a few weeks, I will be traveling with Michael Woodley to Haifa, Israel to attend the ITiCSE 2012 conference (conference on innovation and technology in computer science education). This will be my second trip to this conference as I traveled to Germany last summer to present work on another topic. This year, I will be presenting on the course that I have helped to develop at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign over the past six years. The paper can be seen in a previous post here, but the slide deck I will be using to present can be seen here:

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In addition to the week I will be spending in Israel, I will be making a side trip after to Istanbul, Turkey to meet with Professor Barış Aktemur at Özyeğin University there as he is replicating our course. This is the second ever installment worldwide of our programming studio concept, and we are excited to meet with him to discuss how his first semester of the course was as well as share our tips for success and learn from him what we can do to improve our course as well.

I’m looking forward to the trip to Asia very much, but not so much to the 20 hours of travel that it will take to get to Israel as well as the 8 hours of time difference that I will need to adjust to once I arrive. Wish me luck!

Programming Studio: Advances and Lessons Learned

I recently was first author on a tips paper which has been accepted to be published in the proceedings of ITiCSE 2012 in Haifa, Israel. The paper can be downloaded here.

ITiCSE 2011 debrief

I just got home from a nearly week long trip to Darmstadt, Germany (about 20 km outside of Frankfurt) to attend the ITiCSE 2011 conference. I plan to write a post on each of my favorite paper sessions in the near future, but long story short there were a bunch of fantastic things that I picked up that I plan to bring back to UIUC and incorporate into the courses that I am involved with teaching. I made some great friends from all over the world and am already looking forward to finding a way to attend next year’s incarnation of this conference in Israel.

Here are the slides from the talk I gave this past Monday:

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Keep an eye out, more ITiCSE-related posts soon to come.