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Fun with Python and Ice Hockey

HockeyStreamsAPI – a Python wrapper for the REST API


Assumes Python 2.7:

sudo pip install hockeystreams


For anonymous access, allows the get_scores ability:

from hockeystreams import HockeyStreams
hs = HockeyStreams()
score = hs.get_scores(shouldFilter=True, team="Calgary Flames")[0]
print "%s: %s"%(score.get_home_team(), score.get_home_score())
print "%s: %s"%(score.get_away_team(), score.get_away_score())

to determine what fields each returned object has, simply print it out:

print score

will output something similar to (depending on the api data):

home_team_city: St Louis
home_team: St Louis Blues
away_team: Calgary Flames
home_team_name: Blues
tv: None
period: Final
short_away_team: CGY
event: NHL
home_score: 3
away_team_name: Flames
short_home_team: STL
away_team_city: Calgary
away_score: 2
is_playing: 0

from there, each of the models can be accessed as:




If you create an account on, you can use this wrapper for authenticated access:

hs = HockeyStreams("cemeyer2", "password")
on_demand = hs.get_on_demand()[0]
print on_demand

will output something similar to (depending on the api data):

home_team: Rouyn-Noranda Huskies
away_team: Victoriaville Tigres
id: 12338
is_wmv: 0
date: 11/07/2013
is_flash: 1
event: QMJHL
isi_stream: 1

These objects can be used just as the unauthenticated versions.

It is important to note that many of the API functions exposed by are only available to premium members of the site. As such, this wrapper will raise a ValueError if a non-premium account tries to use any of the API functions which are restricted to premium members. In addition, a ValueError will be raised if any other error condition arises, with an associated message.


Feel free to fork and improve on github.

even programmers have some humor

I run Linux on all my personal computers (including the server that hosts this blog), except my media center pc (Linux is a bit behind for watching high definition movies, especially for digital audio like Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio). I absolutely love Ubuntu, so when I rediscovered this today it made me laugh.

Bug #1 in Ubuntu: “Microsoft has a majority market share”