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Pidgin-closeoffline: a plugin for Pidgin to close offline conversation tabs

I recently took some time to learn some of the inner workings of Pidgin and libpurple, and along the way I decided to write a plugin that would provide a feature that I was really missing from native Pidgin. There are often times where I would have my Pidgin open for days at a time, and would accumulate huge numbers of conversation tabs open, with many of those chat partners signed offline. I didn’t want to close all the tabs, only the offline buddies, and I didn’t see a way to do this in Pidgin. So I took a dive into the APIs for Pidgin and libpurple and came up with this little plugin that adds an item to the right click context menu of the tab bar in a conversation window that will close all offline buddies. Right now, I have only tested it working on Ubuntu 12.04.1 32 bit and 64 bit, but I assume it would work other places too. To install the plugin, first download it from:

Extract that folder, then open a terminal in that directory and run:

# ./

This should take care of setting up all the dependencies, compiling the plugin, and then installing it to the local user’s plugin directory.

If you care to browse the source code, its available in the downloaded zip file as well as in the github repository at: